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Accepted. But there are always work arounds if it were in their interest (They lost me for one as a customer).

Surely Sony if they were so inclined have the smarts that could partition signed code and homebrew on the device, restricting access to anything that presents a security risk thus making firmware downgrades and other hacks as hard as they would be now to pull off. If they overlook something then they could issue a firmware fix and enforce that new Big Dev games require it as they do now.

Or if Sony provided a download system and ensured HB code was tested to ensure it was simply a game prior to making it available for download and gave it a special signature. (I only care about games screw running Linux on it :P ).
If they make a mistake and let something out they should not have then again new patch that will not run that particular games’ signature – or update the sigs on the rest of the games in the download platform. Then only signed code runs and does not facilitate piracy.