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thanks a lot for your relpy!
I’m planing to do 2D/3D Engines + Graphics most for PC
And use C/C++ + openGL &/or DirectX

so Carlow would be best of all ?

Hi Juris,

Your asking quite a broad question. The best course if often based on the student, and what they are hoping to get out of of their education.

If you are planning on a programming career (Game Development, as opposed to Game Design, which would be more in the Game Architecture/Systems Analysis domain) then you should look at Carlow and/or LYIT in Letterkenny. Both have a strong focus on Graphics Programming (OpenGL & DirectX), Game Programming (C/C++, STL, Algorithms, Design Patterns, etc.) as well as core units in Mathematics & Physics, with some 3D modelling & application design (to inform potential tools programmers).

If you can help further define what role you are hoping to achieve, (Engine, Gameplay, Physics, A.I., Graphics, etc.) the forum can help steer you in the best direction for you.

Of course, factors like PS2/PS3/PSP, XBox/XBox360, GameCube/Wii Dev Kits are a huge “draw-card” for third level universities, and I think Carlow are the best-equipped with respect to consoles dev kits.

Hope this helps.