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Darragh, great advice there. Good to see the folks on the courses themselves offering advice and feedback

Of course, factors like PS2/PS3/PSP, XBox/XBox360, GameCube/Wii Dev Kits are a huge “draw-card” for third level universities, and I think Carlow are the best-equipped with respect to consoles dev kits.[/quote:ba0c0caab2]

As far as I know we don’t have any console dev-kits, i’ve certainly never heard any mention of them (or indeed seen them) anyhow. The college did get some nice new Alienware machines for the 3rd years to do shader programming on however, and I do know for a fact that the third years are learning how to use XNA at the moment- which would be a big help for XBox 360 development. You have to remember that dev-kits are very expensive and many colleges would not be able to justify the cost of buying them just to support one course- particularily the colleges in this country which do not get half as much funding from the government as they should. [/quote:ba0c0caab2]
AFAIK, very few games dev courses (anywhere) have dev kits, and cost is not the only issue. The platform holders seem very reluctant to provide unis with dev kits (current ones anyway)

I like that same carlow IT course but am a bit skepitcal about it but the college has a high drop out.[/quote:ba0c0caab2]

That is true. Carlow IT does have quite a high drop out rate in general, and the games course is probably well above average when it comes to this. But you shouldn’t base your decision around what other people are doing! I think the problem with a lot of people who take up the course in Carlow is that they have a lot of misconceptions about what exactly is involved in making games. It isn’t really until they are half way through 1st year that they begin to realise that perhaps games development is not the career for them. I don’t think the high drop out rate is a reflection of the quality of the course itself.
[/quote:ba0c0caab2]Wouldn’t worry about the high drop out rate. As Darragh mentioned, many go into these courses with skewed expectations of what they will be doing, how hard it is, etc. In fact, many of the games dev courses in ireland and the UK AND Computer Science in general has very high drop out rates