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Glad to hear :D
I’m not sure what course you are referring to but the course I did (BSc in Computer Science) offers “all students the opportunity of Work Placement. This allows the student to spend six months working in an IT related company gaining valuable work experience.” so that might suit you.

I haven’t done courses in other colleges but I assume when it comes to programming it is relatively standard. In the DIT one the “first year students learn C programming, in second year, C++ programming and in third year, Java programming.” which should be a good base to learn other languages from (once you know one or two it usually gets easier to pick up more relatively quickly) You will probably find you pick up some other languages and technologies on the side too.

Regarding the Networking the course isn’t very hardware orientated, the basics are of course covered, but the course focuses more one the software side of networking. ie what protocols are used, error checking, security etc.

The course website (http://www.comp.dit.ie/dt228/) has a bit of additional information which might be useful.