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Just dragged myself out of bed from my afternoon nap and I’m not really sure of all the rules so I’m really just hazarding a guess…

Is it possible that they’ll split it up into different campuses? Say for example – University of Ulster Belfast and University of Ulster Jordanstown. (Though the latter is just outside the city) The only further and higher education colleges are all from BIFHE. Again that could be split, though I’d imagine they’d be hard pressed to find any support outside of the multimedia department – if even there.

EDIT: Ah wait, this is the whole of Northern Ireland, isn’t it? Again, just work up so excuse the mistake. I’d say then that NWIFHE could easily bring a team. I know that there’s also an further and higher institute in Bangor and Lisburn. So if they do accept colleges then there’ll have more than two teams. Though I don’t know how many team they want. Guess we’ll find out on Friday. :)