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I found it to be a great event, today. The turnout was very low, though I can’t pretend I’m surprised considering Belfast isn’t Northern Ireland’s game development hotbed.. yet. The speakers were great and gave us all a lot of useful information about the competition and the industry in general. A few good chats were had after about art, university courses, programming and beer. Yes, as you can gather from that last one, Mal was there!

Yes, its to do with the heat and you don’t live there, so get up you lazy bum! [/quote:a27b2a300f]
Well Damian.. according to a little birdy I talked to at Dare you’re a “wonderful gentleman” and a “really pleasant person” so I won’t try to slag you off. ;)

just got back from this event, was really good despite the lack of students attending!! cant wait to get the team up and running and generate some game concepts. this competition is so amazing, its unbelievable.[/quote:a27b2a300f]
Hey Richard, could you possibly private message me your contact details so I can chat with you about the compo. Cheers.

If anyone has any questions about it I’ll try to answer them for you.