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I once left it on for a full week while we went on holiday, cos I didn’t want to lose my progress in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”[/quote:ae0908acea]

OMG Pete, your not the only one!! I was about to save Michaelangelo when i had jump in the car to go away for 2 weeks to France!I turned the TV off so my parents wouldnt notice :P

I spent 4 straight days, typing out the ENTIRE code to Grannies Garden 2 on the C64.. I got the book from the library and it was like 12 pages long. I didnt take a break for 4 days, but when i did, it was to ask my 20+ yr old cousin to finish typing the last page. I woke up the next morning to find out that after she had compiled it, it had 4 errors, and somehow instead of going back to fix the errors, she wiped the whole thing.. Grrr. I dont even know why i cared so much. i had the game on tape anyway, i just wanted to make it myself.. :P