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Hrm…nothing too outrageous but here goes…

ALWAYS watched Bad Influence when I was younger.
Bought another C64 joystick and spray painted it gold so I’d have a Golden Joystick just like the one on GamesMaster.
Used to stay up until 2:30 in teh morning JUST to watch BITS on Channel 4.
Had Nintendo wallpaper and everything else in my room as a kid.
Got Half-Life on the day of release in the States but when my relations got caught by customs bringing it into the country I paid the tax and fine rather than loose it…
Have a load of Game related T-shirts.
Just blew my entire first paycheck and half of my next one on my new uber PC and a load of new and old games.
I’ve done the “fall asleep at your computer playing at a LAN” on two occasions and numourous times at home.
Played through System Shock 2 again, straight after I’d finished it for the first time, wearing headphones “just to see what it was like”.

…probably more to come as I think of it… :D