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Played paintball with the members of the Zzap64! team (as well as others from the game industry). I was on Julian Rignall’s team.

Helped GTW site to un-earth and distribute my unreleased c64 game

Remixed old classic C64 tunes in my music studio

… so sad.


And lectured 3D4 for a while, you were propagating the geekiness Steve!

Personally, my geekiest moment was at the Halo 2 launch party here in London, which I won tickets for (I didn’t buy them, honest) and spent most of the night talking to a very excitably Live “community manager” about how super cool Xbox is, and how nerdy PS2 owners are. Also, we said “dude” a lot.

You probably don’t realise just how bad this was until you consider the fact that this was valuable time I could have spent drinking no short supply of free booze and chatting up the models who were serving finger food :shock: