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What! You haven’t read Tsugumo’s tutorial yet! :shock:
Well, sad news is, the website is dead. Good news is, while looking at my links I discovered that one of the other sites I wanted to mention HAS Tsugumo’s tutorials.
So go and check out Gas 13, from Russia, and browse their tutorial section. If it all appears in Russian, don’t panick, just click on English and it will change the language.
Gas 13 itself is more for pure isometric than “Zelda-esque” pixelart, but the tutorials listed here are all excellent.
Again, I cannot recommend Tsugumo’s tutorial enough. It’s a bit of a classic amongst pixel pushers :P

As for your actual question, black outlines vs. coloured outlines isn’t a question of taste, coloured outlines are just a tad harder, that’s all. If you have the patience and skill to pull it off, it’s generally nicer looking. Although of course that’s also a question of personal taste.

I can’t help notice Max’s sig contains a sprite from… is that Metal Slug IV ??? Good gods I love that game :D