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my apologies, I didnt notice my links were malformed early enough :oops:
that spriteart website is very very nice, btw :)
Nice to see another pixel lover around here ;)

Also if you want to see _real_ dithering skills, I suggest you look for hentai pictures (porn anime pictures, if you dont know what that is).
Seriously, up to a few years ago (until DOS dissapeared, in fact), most hentai games were done in the old EGA mode, because it had better resolution but less colours. The solution the artists used ? Well, just dither your colours to make it look like there is more than there really is.
Actually, any japanese video game will probably do, IIRC Princess Maker is in EGA, too.
It really tells you something about Japanese artists when most of them were still doing better graphics with 16 colours than most games in the West had in 256 colours… :roll:
There, check those screenshots. That’s 16 colours. Look at the other pages, too :P