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So did you add the grain in post?
In that case I would get rid of it, cos it ruins the image. I though that maybe you just had a really low sample rate for the radiosity, as they were preview renders.

Grain won’t work unless the image is meant to be old film or something, in which case you should make it black and white, or slightly desaturated, and also reduce the grain so it is only barely visible. Grain on a normally colored image rarely looks good. Also, it is a good idea not to bother with any post effects until the final scene is done and rendered to way you like it.
However, for this scene it would probably look better without an “old film” look to it. I think it would look better with blue(rather than yellow) lighting, with a slight HDRI reflection on the hull of the ship, and also on the cockpit windows. I know nothing of how these ships are supposed to look, so maybe they aren’t meant to be anyway glossy, but I just like shiny things…. :P

One other question I have is about the scale. Again, I don’t know anything about the source material, but that hanger looks way too small to hold a squadron of space fighters…..

It is definitely improving all the time, so keep it up! :)