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aaaw man even DOA4 didn’t help 360 to beat GAMECUBE sales

Looking briefly outside the top ten, Dead or Alive 4 came in at number 13 in the chart, selling just under 61,000 units – making it into certainly the fastest selling Xbox 360 title yet, but not providing the boost to hardware sales that Microsoft might have hoped for.

Confounding the expectations of some market watchers who believed that the low sales of the Xbox 360 at launch in Japan were down to gamers waiting for DOA4, the console shifted 12,300 units during the week – twice the number that it did in the previous week, but still less than the GameCube, which sold marginally more at 12,579, and the Game Boy Advance handhelds, which sold 27,679.

The 390,000 sales racked up by the DS are hugely impressive, especially coming in the wake of the 600,000 units sold in the previous week, and 300,000 the week before that – but the number might have been even higher of the console hadn’t sold out at retailers around the country.[/quote:de16ec128d]