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from that article:

“In related news, Universal Pictures recently announced that the Doom movie…

…appearing to contradict the basic tenets of the Doom storyline, with the action apparently not being set on Mars and the demons from hell of the games being replaced with humans sporting a mutagenic virus.

…The Rock also let slip…that he will be toting a BFG weapon in the movie, although this now apparently stands for Bio-Force Gun, as opposed to any other more obscene “definition for the acronym.”

that pisses me off.
its DOOM for gods sake, if your bothering to make a film for its hordes of fans around the world, make it accurate.

not from mars?
demons not demons?
not from hell?
mutagenic virus? (=28 days later?)
BioForce gun?
i spose it’ll be PG or even G next.