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I disagree with this.
Games are plenty real enough to tell a story. SNES games told stories. Text based games tell stories. I mean, novels tell stories, and they don’t have great graphics. Characterisation, and plot, can exist independent of, and orthoganal to, graphics.[/quote:4b2fdc5e2b]

Drawing a player in emotionally takes a lot more than a good story.
Novels open up the best “graphics” around, our imagination. We are forced to use it with novels because it isn’t a visual medium.

Games and Movies are, so therefore one of their most important aspects is the visual look of them. Storylines/plot is one thing, but adding some sort of an emotional attachment to characters comes down to us believing they exist and are real, otherwise…..who cares! We won’t let our emotions become a major part of the experience, because all we see are polygons and effects.

For example, humans gleam so much information from faces its unreal, when we are talking to someone our sub-concious is reeling in so much information about the person and what they are saying, from the tiny muscle movements around the mouth and eyes, to the eyes themselves.

Games have a long way to go yet in my opinion before they illicit the same emotional response that good films can.