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our options for our chosen venue are the 7th and the 28th of April and I prefer the 28th so we can get things organised.[/quote:add7187b02]

Yay! > in diary :D

suggestions for talks or games for the night are always welcome![/quote:add7187b02]

What platform for games? Can we do a BF2 LAN :lol:

Talks – might it be an idea to get a hold of someone in EI re. institutional financing for tech comps? (‘bit late I know, but…). Or just recycle ‘Next-Gen’ talks (of about 7-8 months ago) and fine-tune in light of (a) ‘360 hard data since release and (b) finally-emerging ‘real’ info about PS3?

I can volunteer a short and mild IP natter about US v Europe approach to IP and the slowly-but-surely widening gap about relevance of IP in each of these ‘regional’ markets (only where games are concerned, of course).