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What annoy’s me when the media get hold of things like this, is that they bring across the idea that the person involved was mentaly stable, a sound and fine person, and then just like, through playing a game, they snapped. What they always fail to mention is that the person was already mentaly unstable and the game just happened to tip them over the edge. It could have been a game, a film anything…they just happen to be playing a game.

Just like the manhunt incident….your telling me that one day this person just woke up in that state and its not possible that this person was already mentaly unstable before playing the game.[/quote:fc06544265]

Both the police and the prosecution gave the motive for the murder as an attempt of the boy to rob his friend so he could pay off a drugs related debt.
On top of that, the only copy of Manhunt that was found in this case was in the victim’s room, not the murerer’s.
Edit: Got the link, from a site oft referenced here no less: http://gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?section_name=pub&aid=3918