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messed about with some of this before btu I don’t really see the point in it unless there is some interaction with the environment and some control for the viewer how he looks at the scene etc. I mean why not just watch an avi really?

If you could include little secrets in the scenes that if you watched it from one perspective you saw one thing and from another somethiung different.
For example someone walking down the street at night… if you follow the peopel you hear their conversation etc… then a gang jumps out and they get mugged. You feel they are the victim automatically. If you zoom out spot the muggers and zoom in on them you get their side of the story but realise that the peole walking down the street are I dunno Nazis or the muggers were mugged byu them days before or something…. you feel the muggers are in the right.

Obviously I haven’t spent much time thinking on this but you get my drift. I think this is where machinama could come into its own and make a difference…. otherwise I’ll stick to my avis thank you very much.