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Hello Mr Prime, we hope you’re stay here is Optimal…

Sounds like you’re not long in the working world? In which case, here’s my 2c. If you’ve already felt the sting of reality, skip.

If you want a graphics job, unfortunately you’re in a big pond. You won’t be doing anything cooler than cow medicine packaging for a while, if you can even get a job without doing freelance for a few years to build up portfolio & business contacts, etc. Contact companies individually (find ’em online) and tell them you like their design and would like to talk about it, as a newcomer looking for expert advice. No need to mention the J word. Doing this got jobs for a couple of my acquaintances.

Also, most graphics work for products is out-sourced to the 1st, 2nd, even 3rd degree. So games companies (pub or dev) won’t be hiring designers (although some of them could really do with a few interface designers). And the publishers who commission the design work will often go to different companies depending on the game. There’s not really much linking games with graphic design that would serve as a hook for you to work in both areas, except…

So Aphra’s advice about the mod scene is spot on. There are a lot of teams online, and I’d say the ratio of design-oriented artists to hackers (by which I mean non-formal coders) is quite low. Computer types always think design is something any fool with a cracked copy of Photoshop can do.

Good luck anyway