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I don’t know, a lot of his points can be refuted really. The reason why the Call of Duty’s and Mario’s are constantly being re-imagined and having regular installments is simply because they sell.

He goes on to say that we need to start making games that don’t involve guns or platforms but realistically, we’ve never been closer to that. Look at the work coming from TheGameCompany, not to mention possibly the most exciting time ever for indie developers.

As regards the lack of innovation by the main players, I would argue that Nintendo are probably one of, if not THE strongest bringer of innovation to games. The Dual screens on the DS, the touch pad, the motion controller, the analogue stick, the directional pad, all stem from Nintendo.

While I appreciate that they didn’t go down the conventional route with their games, and they told a good story, its not something that hasn’t been done before.

To be honest, I’d want to know exactly what he see’s as missing?

Games without guns or platforms – we have them (Journey)
Games not based on wonderland – we have them (Augmented reality games)
Games with actual writing talent – we have them (Peter Molyneux is an example who hires actual acting cast as well as writers)
Games that engage and tell a story – we have them (Too many to name)
Games that innovate – we have them (every generation has these)

The main thing about the games industry is its an BUSINESS. If you don’t like Call of Duty, fine, but you’re in a minority, how do we know? simple, sales figures. Its that simple. Some companies can afford to take risks but considering whats happening to the games studios all the time (look at THQ recently) I’d say there are enough risks in business.

So yeah, Can we hear what he thinks is actually missing and what he’s done to improve that?

EDIT: sorry, that was aimed at the last interview there, I’ll look at the rest later tonight