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Hi Sully

> Ive been messing around with that project for the last few hours and to be honest it does seem quite easy to use!!


> The only trouble im having is i dont have a bloddy clue how to use 3DS Max!!

:) Hopefully the speed of export, and ease of use, will encourage you to learn the basics, and even some advanced features, of the app.

The app is aimed at being used in a lecturer environment, where you would have guidance and supervision from a experienced 3D modeller in the same room… it seems like you’re getting along well on your own, even though you’ve only had Max a short time!

> I was changing graphics and adding more bulliton boards etc… and suddenly the sky disappeared and went black!!

You might have deleted or re-named the skybox object. Press ‘h”, and look for the object. If no skyBox exists, you can either create a new one ( this is sort of an advanced feature, when it comes to texture mapping the various faces ), or merge the skybox object from the original .MAX file.

If you have saved over the original file, you can download the .ZIP again to get the original Max file.

> Anyways i’ll keep going with it for a few weeks!!

> Hope this is helpful!!

Extremely! It’s great to see that you are willing to continue the app, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in a few weeks time!

Just a quick note…
Try changing these files in the same folder as the .EXE
– vanlogo.jpg ( change van colour, add your name to the van etc )
– title.jpg ( title screen )
– add a gamewin.jpg and gamelose.jpg, same size as title.jpg
– music.mp3 ( the background music )
– numberplate.jpg ( create a 5U117 numberplate for yourself :) )

Best regards…