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flight from derry to cork, i dont think there be. but there are from belfast, expensive though. pretty cheap to go derry-dublin, dublin cork via aer arann (derry leg is logan air operating for BA).

I’m sure we could organise something down here. Games which teach kids culture?? Also im sure getting one of the boole lecture theatres could be pretty easy during May because everyone will be doing exams, wayhey thank god im doing the research masters :). Might be cool to hear torc and the lot talking about the company because cork seems to be a black hole, not many people down here know about the irish games industry. Probably would be useful Aphra for you also to speak.

But i could get onto the multimedia msc and see if they wanted to open day display their recent thesis. Some i heard are games related.

Also i can definately help with recommending good pubs\clubs, can probably put 3-4 of ye up for a night or two, if ye dont mind floors, couches etc. And accomadation is cheap and very central.