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Aphra K

ah ha, Omen that would be telling!!

I have just posted the final list of nominations and the revised progamme for tomorrow night, including a link to a map of the place, under news on the home page.

Unfortunately a speaker from DC studios cannot make it so we have had to revise our list of speakers and the times.

I have been in contact with DC and they are aware of discussions on these forums and will be making announcements to us as soon as they can re. the Dublin studio and their plans. I look forward to circulating them to everyone as soon as we know more..

Regardless I think tomorrow night will be a very useful event and a great chance for people to meet people in the industry and in acadmia. About 50 people expressed an interest in attending the event so hopefully they will turn up on the night and make it the best birthday so far for gd.ie!!

I am looking forward to it…and the new look site will be unveiled too and hopefully we will have banned little boxes, broken forms and other such annoyances from our site..!!