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Believe me, I don’t ever intend on doing serious crunch unless its really required. The crunch I did on my first game was acceptable and I didn’t feel too hard done by. Sure, I’d love to be paid for the extra work I did, but currently thats not happening, so unless people really complain like EA Spouse, you’re going to have to accept some unpaid overtime and when it starts getting ridiculous, just go home. Remember, overtime is not obligatory in most place, its just expected. It can easily be refused, sure they may come at a promotional / salary expense, but whats more important?
As for people being pressured into it..especially during something like Dare, they’re fools for caving intot he pressue in my opinion. :)
Catch me doign a 70 hour week and I’ll buy all the drinks for everyone at the next shindig ;)

No – welcome to the computer games software industry. Everyone else writing code can quite happily go home at half five[/quote:e235b813ef]
I’d argue that point. Just like in game dev, there are some good and some bad companies to work for. All depends on the people who set your deadlines. In game dev, its publishers and hence the ludicrousness…