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Catch me doign a 70 hour week and I’ll buy all the drinks for everyone at the next shindig ;)
Yet you’re never able to make it to shindigs. This must be due to a lack of time or money. So are we to assume that you’re secretly being paid peanuts and stuffed into a cubicle all day and night? :D

You’re right though. The challenge is to get to a state where overtime isn’t expected so easily. Willingness of developers to work a little extra for free should be appreciated, not exploited until every ounce of passion has been sucked from their veins.

The problem is that there are countless number of kids who will blindly work all night because game dev isn’t seen as a ‘normal’ job. Then we have a scenario where our talent leaves after seven years and we’re left with masses of graduates who don’t have the experience to create a blockbuster.

Take other creative industries. JK Rowling would never have created Harry Potter if she packed it in after a decade. I can’t remember any other examples right now, but it’s safe to say that many legendary movies and books wouldn’t have been made of the talent had been spat out after a few years. We would be missing out on so much. We could have had many epic games, but the people who would have made them are working for some bank now.

There’s a change taking place in the industry right now. Publishers are less able to exploit developers. There’s still a long way to go though. But to come back to the original point, we’re not going to get anywhere if our students are learning that 70 hour weeks are just part of the job. Some Dare students seem to relish the fact that they can work till they drop. EA executives must have a huge collective smile on their faces.