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Don’t know if i agree with this.
Yes, there are a lot of people who want in to the games industry, but how many of them are sufficiently qualified? Companies are pretty picky about who they employ as someone below par will falter pretty quickly in this trade due to the demands. [/quote:080faea4e4]

Loads are succifiently qualified – I mean, otherwise, wages would be much higher, right? Supply and demand, no?
If there wasn’t enough sufficiently qualified people then games programmers would naturally get paid more – as it is, they get paid less, certainly on an hourly basis, than their general software programming counterparts, right?

True, but then most general software projects are not nearly as complex or complicated as games, nor are the business models as hard on the developer [/quote:080faea4e4]
Wouldn’t agree with this, but don’t have evidence to back the feeling up.
As overall projects games are big, but as software projects, less so – the software parts of many games aren’t that big, particularly with licensed middleware etc
There are a lot of software projects out there with more than, say, 15 coders on them, which would be a good number for a game, right?

Sure, some general software is smaller – once off business apps for example, but so are many games, for portable or mobile.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in NO way condoning the conditions many (but by no means, all) games developers have to work under. I’m simply trying to provide a backdrop as to why things are the way they are[/quote:080faea4e4]
Ok, understood.

I just don’t understand why conditions *continue* to be this way though… …and why developers continue to put up with it… surely they can see that just because you really like a particular type of job doesn’t mean you should accept crappy conditions to do it…