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Loads are succifiently qualified – I mean, otherwise, wages would be much higher, right? Supply and demand, no?
If there wasn’t enough sufficiently qualified people then games programmers would naturally get paid more – as it is, they get paid less, certainly on an hourly basis, than their general software programming counterparts, right?[/quote:3582b6352b]
You’d be suprised…
There are lots of areas of expertise. Try finding a good low level PS2 programmer and I bet you’ll have to look hard. Try finding a ‘good’ graduate and again, you look hard (in this case mainly because there are lots with no experience). There are so many disciplines you can specialise in and a team can only take so many people, so you’ve got to be an exact fit in specialism or capable of a very broad range…
Being ‘qualified’ doesn’t mean you’re able to get a job easily in this game.