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You’d be suprised…
There are lots of areas of expertise. Try finding a good low level PS2 programmer and I bet you’ll have to look hard. Try finding a ‘good’ graduate and again, you look hard (in this case mainly because there are lots with no experience). There are so many disciplines you can specialise in and a team can only take so many people, so you’ve got to be an exact fit in specialism or capable of a very broad range…
Being ‘qualified’ doesn’t mean you’re able to get a job easily in this game.[/quote:03f2fd1bf5]

Still, if there are so few people that are really ‘qualified’, why are the conditions/wages so bad? Surely the scarity would drive up prices? Bit of a simple argument I know, but it usually holds true.

Is it perhaps that when needing a good low level PS2 programmer, if you are a big software house, the best way to do it is just take in (cheap) grads with no experience and train them up?
This seems to be what the big software houses are doing, with induction programs.

Still I do take your point about specialisation…
but when I think of the general software industry, and think of, for example, DBAs as a specialisation (hard to get good ones, it’s very specialised skills, like low level ps2 coding) they consequently get very high salaries.