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Would you like to be a DBA, I know I wouldn’t…
Mundane job vs diverse job, thats how i look at it. If it means I don’t earn huge amounts of money, I still think i’m getting paid well.

That’s fair point. You seem on top of things, and to be conciously making the relevant decisions – was thinking more along the lines of those in EAspouse-like conditions, hope things improve for them.

As an aspiring graduate – there is a shroud of “specialness” surrounding the Games Industry. I think a lot of young people might be willing to put up with the hard work and the relative-to-the-rest-of-the-IT-sector low pay because they feel that they are somehow “priviliged” to work in this Industry.
In the gap that exists between becoming a specialist, and being a hardworking but otherwise inexperienced graduate endeavouring to specialise (but in desperate need of a break to do so) – there is lots and lots of room for, what some would refer to as, exploitation.[/quote:058c06d649]

At least when you are aware of the situation, and can think about it critically and make the decisions with more knowledge of the consequences, I imagine that makes you a lot less likely to be ‘exploited’.