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hi guys.. thanks to all that congratulated us and again comiserations to Enduring Fragments, excellent bunch of guys that i would be more than happy to work along side with in the future.

i admit i did pull a few extra hours, but only because this was such a short deadline and i was very passionate about the project that we were undertaking and thankfully it paid off in the long run.
we knew that there was no extra pay or thanks for staying those extra hours, but hey.. you’re there for the 10 weeks with little else to do or no other current ties, so we just put all our spare time into productive use.

i do agree with a lot of you saying about the QoL in the games industry should become a standard 9-5 with overtime being brought in to account as well, but as the games industry still is relatively in its infancy it may take a while for this to occur.

but at the end of the day i hope that you would all agree that we would have to put in that little bit of extra work to get ireland significantly on the map as a place for the games development industry to boom properly
(especially in the North *cough *cough).


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