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we work 9-5 most days and a little extra towards deadlines (week of deadline) and we’re hiting milestones bang on. Good producers and good coders\artists[/quote:c1aaf13f3a]nice to see producers getting a bit of good press for a change!


in fairness, as Peter points out, it takes effort by the whole team to keep the hours down and the deliverables in track. The best planning and management in the world can’t make up for a developer (artist, composer or programmer) being bad at estimates, going off track while seeking to write the perfect algorithm or rigging the most realistic model.

At the end of the day it’s not the amount of work you put in, or the amount of passion/enthusiasm the developers have that makes great games, but the quality of the decisions made along the way – something we’re at pains to stress to the Dare teams (as well as our own teams, of course).