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I’d argue that point. Just like in game dev, there are some good and some bad companies to work for. All depends on the people who set your deadlines. In game dev, its publishers and hence the ludicrousness…[/quote:f28b24d8f8]
The issue is rather than in the games industry, employees expect that part of the job will involve overtime, and many managers are only too happy to take advantage of this. In the non games world, no-one expects to work past 5.30 – sure it happens at crunch, but you dont start the job expecting to be overtiming on a regular basis, and the mentality is “enjoy the job and enjoy the rest of your day” rather than “enjoy the job, which is your day”.

Part of the problem of the games industry is employees accepting that overtime is part of the job – it’s not, it should be an occasional thing where the company recognises the additional effort put in by staff on the company’s behalf.