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As omen said, welcome to the computer software industry.[/quote:fa1c6c2961]

I’ve had experiene in a few different companies within the computer software industry.

Sure, like Omen says, when there’s a deadline, people will go the extra mile to get the work done.
But while some work companies longer hours than others, I have to say that based on my subjective experience, and based on what I’ve heard, games software seems to [encourage|request|require|demand] considerably longer hours at considerably worse pay – overall – than the software industry in general.

The best planning and management in the world can’t make up for a developer (artist, composer or programmer) being bad at estimates, going off track while seeking to write the perfect algorithm or rigging the most realistic model.[/quote:fa1c6c2961]

I agree with this statement.
However, developers made bad estimates, and strive for perfection, in other industries which appear to have much more reasonable working hours than the games industry does.
So there must be something else that’s different?