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I remember reading something like that about JK Rowling and Speilberg, but I took it as poppy-cock to tell the truth. There’ll always be people in every industry that go the extra mile and they become legends in their field.

games software seems to [encourage|request|require|demand] considerably longer hours at considerably worse pay[/quote:edf7c50dc9]
Encourage / Request – yes, you can still say no.
Require / Demand – Erm, you’re working for a stinking company, find someone else to work for. Lots of people don’t do this and then they complain about it, but put up with it.

Oh and as for pay…you get paid extra in other dev jobs because of the mundanity of the job, I think the diversity in games programming makes up for it, and I also think I’m getting paid quiet enough money. Sure more is always good, but I think my wage is very reasonable. Its just a personal opinion, if I was in it for the money, I’d be doing something else…