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The three ingredients vital to mitigating excessive overtime, etc, are:
1 – good, experienced producers
2 – solid, repeatable and scalable dev process
3 – whole team buys in to QOL[/quote:063f36dcf0]

Yay for that.
I am a student and my experience IS that people in my position ARE being expected to pull ridiculous hours (read 50-60 a week) if we are to get anywhere within this Industry (i.e. have a career).
These last few weeks I have been so worn down (by the work and my concerned friends) that I am reconsidering whether I really want to have a career in this industry… I am certainly looking at the entire Development cycle in a far more critical manner than I used to.

I think Idora is right – this industry needs good producers.
But I’d like to add that perhaps what we really need is veteran developers with Business sense.
Something that could be achieved if certain companies (that make the headlines a lot) (i.e. EA) were to start running partially-funded\fully-funded training schemes for veteran developers and potential managers that will send these people back into College on a part-time basis to give them the proper up-to-date, industry-standard Managerial training they will need to set & make realistic deadlines.

From what I have seen, we either have people on top who have no sense of games but a great sense of business, or people who are incredibly creative and brilliant at developing – but have no sense of deadlines.

:? Then again – maybe I am just in desperate need of sleep! :wink: