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Is there an Intel equivilent? I could really do with a free profiler right this minute![/quote:a3672ea365]

Nah V-Tune’s is intels equivalent but it ain’t free. You should be able to get a 30 day trial but be weary. I recently downloaded the latest version of it and started to get erroneous errors to do with data tables or something. Think should get trial of 7.0, problem didnt happen in that version. The issue I had was known and I think due to be fixed in a later version.

Although Damian the AMD version should be okay unless your profiling specifically for intel chipsets on the level where it differs drastically to AMD chipsets? i.e. pipeline etc.

If your just profiling to find hotspots and bottlenecks in the code thats going to be the same on all chipsets (Intel and AMD), as it going to be in the code structuring etc. I see from the description the AMD one does Call Stack Sampling and Timer-Based Profiling so they should allow you to track these things.. Defo make the code run better ;)