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Well last time I delegated completely and focused on programming and I ended up with the software and applications but no business. This time I aim to have the software and the business so I take it upon myself. I will delegate what needs to be delegated. Those roles that are outside my skill set. Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Audio. If I need help I will get others to double up on roles, such as the researchers. My point is pretty simple, when you invest your own money into a project. You want a degree of control, if the project were to bomb, I would prefer to know that it was my fault. Weird I know, but there is nothing worse than that feeling “if only you did it yourself”.

You would be very very shocked as to some of the concepts I have been given for both sites. Simple sites are really hard to pull off, as all you can rely on is content.

As for cipher its a great bargain, I was a bit pissed about paying VAT especially online, since its origins are within europe. Bit annoying really.