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True, but once the content for the site is all good, that will be it for me on the site. One or two of the researchers can take care of it from there. Initial level control is required so everything is done in a certain way until such a point that it becomes habit for the team. Last thing I want is a 14 year old writing content for the site :D

As when I posted for managers that was all I got. So I make do until such a time as I am confident that its in a consistent state. Same goes for programming, only now am I getting more members, where finally the game is in such a state that it would be easy to see where its going.

When you invest large amounts of your money not to mention time, the mundane tasks are the most important for you to get right. I dont know how many hours I spent telling artists to do things this way, and not that way, these are the documents to read so read them, etc etc. Its a structure that you need to set in place.

I would recommend that anyone who is developing for DARE to setout a structure on day 1, and rigidly stick to it. First things to do are setup a clear development environment, Obviously it all needs to be freeware, but something like dotproject where tasks can be assigned. Spend the initial development time in setting up and creating tasks etc. Outlining plans. Then you can focus on the real job at hand. While the mundane stuff could be swept aside and left for later. it is best to get all of that out of the way before crunch time.

Last night I finished the full development system for the team, and I must say it is very very cool indeed. I integrated, PHPBB2, DOTProject, MG2 Gallery all into the one area. and it works like a dream. We have over 5000 tasks set down. Doing all of that was the worst part, but its done, and it works. So now each and every member knows exactly the scale of the project, the timeframe and the effort required.