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just to help omen start his ea bashing for the week [/quote:63176dbd80]

In fairness, I reckon the Fifa code is a lot better than it was. When Pro Evo started muscling in I think there was a lot of hard talking down there and its supposedly heading back on track tese days. However I can’t comment as I don’t play soccer games…

I was down there recently and amazingly I didn’t have to sign a single NDA! :)

I heard that in the EA canteen the menu consists of deep fried baby monkeys and puppy pie…………………..you didn’t hear that from me by the way…..[/quote:63176dbd80]
Nah, I reckon their cantine is pretty nice…coffee is good anyway, especially while sitting out on the boardwalk by the lake in the sunshine…damn them for having such a nice office!