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Ok, another update. Sorry bout the lack of them yesterday, got a HD tv in the house and havent been able to pry my eyes away from it and am ashamed to say I did NO work on this yesterday.

The updates are just the start of the leg areas, more to the point the crotch area, I have to model this area right cuse I always have problems with legs and feet with models so Im taking my time with this area as I want to get this part of the mesh right as itll be one of the best parts on it.

Now, Ive tweaked some areas of the model just to suit my own personal taste most noticeably the torso area to make it more muscular, I added a hint of the first Batman costume with keaton in it its not much but its there just as my own personal addition to it its more implied than in your face. The logo I just swiped from the batman begins film as its simple but effective and its the only one I tought would fit the kinda expression on his face. Only thing is the colours on the model with be black, grey, and golden yellow with pure white for the eyes and maybe a hint of dark grey along some areas to define it alittle more. Ile try add maybe a tone or two more or even redeign the logo so it has the classic yellow backing on it just to add more variety but If it pans ut well the way it is Ile keep it that way.