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OK, just updated my first post…

The game is now live from http://www.esuvee.com.

Two marketing game releases in 2 weeks, I need a break to spend some of these $$$! :)

Heh, if only!

The market seems great at the moment for Web 3D / Shockwave 3D. I only know a small number of coders worldwide who can make good 3D games in Director, and who have taken the time to learn the Lingo programming language ( Jab from Dublin being one of them ), so if you are a coder and like making “smaller than console” games, it might be worth checking out as a way to break into game development ( most Director developers are drag-and-droppers, and don’t use it to it’s full extent ).

Also, for artists, there could be a demand soon for Shockwave 3D skills ( most modern 3D apps have a Shockwave exporter ).