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During my stalking process of European KS campaigns I discovered some US legal/accountancy firms that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

I spent many months researching KS, I’m not an expert but I’m fairly knowledgeable, did you contact any of the other Euro studios who have been through the US Kickstarter process?

Be clear with the message when you launch. Grab people’s attention with the video. Plan your updates and support beforehand. Accompany these with video’s and concepts. If possible have a demo even if its basic. Reach out to other indie devs beforehand, give them a copy of your game to play. Get them excited and interested, they can tell their fans about your game.

Get the word out to press beforehand and keep getting the message out to them. New videos or nice things to show will be easy updates for the likes of RPS/Joystiq. You’ve probably seen all the post mortems out there on this stuff, most people like sharing their experiences :)



…and many more…

I’m excited for you guys, let’s all help get the message out and get this game funded :)