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I always get calls from people who cant watch HD videos on their "new" laptop because they were not informed that they should have hardware GPU stuff to work.[/quote:51d104638a]

Embedded vs Standalone GFX in laptops is a perennial problem, which neither manufacturers nor MS are addressing comprehensively.

Not that I’d expect MS to address it, mind, and I suppose the built-in "performance rating" thingy is quite a step in the right direction in a long time.

But I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve replied to on here or on Boards.ie, who were trying to run *say* BF2 with a brand new Turion/CoreDuo etc. lappy, to no avail (evaaar!) because they’ve got integrated GFX chipsets instead of a standalone ATi/nVidia GFX chip.

The continuing lack of "comprehensive, base-user -accessible information" information as to the pros and cons of integrated vs standalone GFX in lappies should be addressed by retailers, really, with some form of ‘rating’ of the GFX capabilities of laptops for various generic tasks (3D gaming, video, etc.).

FNAC in France (same as…erm, a ‘classy hi-tech Dixons’, I suppose) have been doing that for years, but I’ve yet to see anything like it in the UK or IE.