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Alright, I tried first to unwrap it but thanks to a large amount of poly’s, perhaps a bit stupid to try to use a high poly model as my first unwrapping experience, when I tried to use the pelt mapping option on parts of the face it would only unwrap to a certain level and then crash because it ran out of memory. So I decided to use another method.

I watched a tutorial dvd about camera projection mapping in maya, where you set up a camera, then use that camera to render an image and then you take that into photoshop make an image ontop of that rendered image. Once this is done you bring it back into maya and set up a material to project that image on the geometry through the camera and then you bake it out. But I am using 3ds max 9 and I thought I could use the camera map per pixel material and then render to texture but I was wrong, it turned out a bit off and you can only see it properly when you render out the camera view, you can see it in the viewport but it is distorted and repeats and when I bake it, what is in the viewport shows up.

So can someone point me in the direction of a good high poly unwrap tutorial, or tell me how to fix my memory issues in 3ds max, as I have 3 gigs on my machine DDR1 though, or tell me how I can camera project my material like you can do in maya. This unwrapping and texture business is as long of a road as everything else in 3d, any and all help would be appreciated.