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Halo 2 will be Vista only given that its DX10 only, its mainly being used as a hype tool for the gaming side of Vista. Personally )[/quote:36235da6f6]

Halo 2 will run on DX9 cards on Vista. The features of Vista are mainly in the new tools and the Multiplayer over Windown live, these will be the 2 main new features. The game looks a little better than the XBOX version from screenshots , but not much.

I am running Vista Ultimate and I really like it. Fast boot times, its been pretty solid, better than my XP install. The new sound system is much better, the ability to resize hard drive partitions is excellent. The Aero interface is Clean and "elegant", video wallpapers are very nice. The whole thing reeks of quality. The install was very simple. But I wiped the old XP, so I dont know how the "upgrade" works. Overall I am well pleased.
My spec machine is HP xn9420 laptop with 1.8GHZ core 2 duo, 80GB hard drive, radeon x1600 256MB Video Ram, 2GB ram.
2GB ram much needed.
Playing Condemned and F.E.A.R. on it at the moment. DX9 games, no problems to report.