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On another aside, 2 things about Vista Home premium and Ultimate you should know.
The box install stuff says 1GB ram, this is a little mis leading and is the operating system requirements. If you are a serious multitasker like me, you need 2GB ram. Simple.

There are still issues with Visual Studio under Vista, get Service pack one (VS2005_SP1) and then the Vista update. Then you need to run the Application as Administrator. Consult MSDN from the Visual Studio home page via the Application.

IF you have a crash or hang, as I can get with Media Centre and a DVD every so often as my drivers as not up to date, you will have to start the DreamScene desktop from control panel when you start.

Changed Made with MSCONFIG are blocked on startup, you need to click the notifier and allow it. You can also change this in control panel.

De-frag is quicker and works in the background and does not grind to a halt, you can run it in a schedule.

Just a few quick pointers for anyone with this Upgrade.