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I’ve seen a fair few showreels in my short time and to be honest I prefer 2 folders (jpegs and movies) and a CV. Not that the effort that goes into making a nice flash presentation won’t be noticed, of course it will, but nothing beats the simplicity of browsing a folder of jpegs in ACDSee or running a binked avi off a cd.

Purely a personal point of view. [/quote:00b4bf9548] I’d agree with you, Pete… Quick easy access and no bells and whistles is preferable in my opinion when viewing CVs & showreels. You have to remember that the person you’re sending this too may have dozens of these to go through – they won’t thank you for putting obstacles in their way no matter how artistic/ creative/ luvverly your snazzy interface is

As someone who has received and reviewed literally thousands of job apps at this stage, here’s a few tips which you can feel free to take or leave:
– never, ever put music on your showreel (unless, of course, your audio skills are part of what you’re pitching)
– show a few samples of your supplemental skills, but focus 80% (min.) of your showreel on your strengths/ strongest skill
– unless it’s adding significantly to your presentation or its a skill you’re actively pitching, don’t bother with a fancy Director/Flash interface; help the reviewer get to your stuff in the quickest, least fussy way possible
– if you absolutely HAVE to do a snazzy interface (or are showing mixed media) include the plug-ins on the CD; if a reviewer receives a CD minus essential plug-ins (and they’re not already installed on the reviewer’s machine, of course) your slaved over showreel goes in the bin…