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Well its a pretty simple thing for me, I have a good solid permanent job with future prospects, in an interesting and creative team. I will get to travel a good bit, but not enough.

Basically the problem is that Im at home, where I have been for the past 20+ years. So I want to go further a field. But Im not really the type to go rambling around. I would prefer to ramble from game job to game job. So I see this as Ideal.

If a company doesnt like the fact that I make my own applications or games, then tough. I will stick with my current job and push for travel.

I just felt the time was right to start planning for the move.

Heck even if a game studio wanted to take my game as theirs I would be happy provided I retain the control and respect I deserve for plugging away at it for so long, and once the existing art team are treated with due respect also. Not to mention receiving just amounts of cash.

I know an employer wont look kindly at such a project, but Im going to be upfront about it and see what they say. I have all the code designs laid out and started, it covers all areas of the game.

Anyway at the end of the day, I am just looking to see what I can do with myself as opposed to sitting at home. If employers dont want me no harm, I will travel another way. At the moment I have a job, and I am no immediate rush to leave, but would like to determine my options.

Oh and with regards to coding style, my style adapts to that of the application. By this I mean it changes depending on how initial parts of the system were made, and I stick with that.

For example

public test(String SomeVar){

Thats how I use method in work

at home

public Test(String SomeVar)

I know not a major change, but for most people its preference that determines the curly braces. With me I make sure code is consistent with the style of the code already implace, or outlined by designers.