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No offence at all taken Tony, I never have and never will expect my project to go any further than where I put it.

I have no aspiration or expectation for my project to be either published or taken by another company. Nor do I expect it to generate any substantial finance, other than to recoup its costs, if even that.

Anyway we are firing way of target here, since I have yet to submit any applications for positions. So until I see contracts and or job offers and see what what is available to me, who is to say what the contract will entail.

My projects are merely portfolio works that I have put together to get into the industry, or eventually start myself off in the industry. Which I now feel are at a stage to get me going. If a company states I cannot work on independent projects as either hobbies or in my own time, I will decide at the time what I will do. I will not enforce heavy barriers of employment for any potential employer nor will I make things difficult by trying to neogotiate. I will simply be honest in both my skills, and myself. After that it is their decision and their decision alone as to what to do.

If the chances are slim, thats all well and good. There is no harm in trying to see what options are available and to get feedback at this point.