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On a side note…..
There is also quite a bit of talk these days about crowd funding offering equity in projects. I know this is being looked into currently. They just need to find a way of managing the whole thing. A revenue split for funders would be very attractive indeed. If it ever comes to pass I think it’s a model that’ll suit indie games funding down to the ground.[/quote:874865f0be]

Won’t get into it too much as currently enjoying some much needed downtime, but http://www.Gambitious.com. We were working with them for quite some time to be a launch title for the platform but for various legal issues they couldn’t launch, and they have some serious industry muscle behind them.

Anyway, I think a combination of E3, Steam Sale, World Cup, UK Kickstarter, summer hols had something to contribute; we had all the press but none of the conversion.

Could write a book on my experiences gained throughout the campaign, but that’s for another day.